Computer Geek T-Shirt

Computer Geek T-Shirt

The writing is on the Computer Geek T-Shirt firewall; “NO, I WILL NOT FIX YOUR COMPUTER!”

By wearing this tee you will make it very clear that although you are a computer genius, it doesn’t give people the right to drain you of your superpowers by asking you to service their computers. I mean, you do have a life. Not only does the shirt alleviate one issue, it also has a lot of swag with its old dino computer print featuring dual floppy disk drives. You gotta love the 3-inch monitor, too.

Ok, so you’re somewhat qualified to fix peoples computers. Alright, so that’s not completely accurate. You’re a computer GOD. You can turn a computer on just by looking at it. Actually, you never turn your computer(s) off…..ever. They’re awake more than you are. When you have a computer issue, it’s solved not in months or days, but seconds.

Herein lies the problem. All your friends know how uber awesome you are and are always bugging you to help them fix THEIR problems. How many times can they get the same virus, seriously? Anyways, the time has come to reclaim your free time for the stuff you REALLY want to be doing when you’re not watching Battlestar Galactica or Firefly, gaming! Colors: Black, Charcoal Grey, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Maroon, Cardinal Red, Red, Orange, Brown, Gold, Athletic Gray, Light Yellow, and Light Blue.

Find the Computer Geek T-Shirt in your favorite color on Etsy for $16.99.

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