Classic USB Joystick Controller

Classic USB Joystick Controller

After having read about the USB Retro Arcade Controller featured here at GeekAlerts last week, Curt emailed us a tips about this cool Atari 2600 USB joystick.

The controller is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and works with almost any Emulator (MAME Stella, etc.) and almost any game that can map and use a standard gamepad as a controller.

The Classic USB Joystick Controller is available for $14.99 (with discounts if you order more than one) from the Legacy Engineering Group website.

Thank you Curt!


  1. Whole cow!!!

    You guys see – no they have the joysticks is other cool colors and they have upgrade kits as well. I bought 2 and I’m going to pick up another 2 of the newer ones, these joysticks rock!

  2. I’m sure it’s an awesome product if you manage to get yours. I ordered mine 20 days ago (the website says it takes up to 3 days to process and 3 days to ship). I’ve emailed the company at least 3 times. There’s no way to get a hold of them directly by phone. I read somewhere that the creator was having personal problems, but he was well enough to take my money. What a rip-off.

  3. I just purchased one of these in Oct 2010 and it lasted for all of 6 weeks before the handle snapped off. Also the fire button began to stick (although it still worked) and some of the fingers inside at the bottom of the stick broke off and 1 cracked. Until better plastic is used I do not recommended this. My children used the original Atari joystick on our C64 for years and never broke a joystick, so they know how to use them. I contacted Legacy and told them of the trouble and it sounds like they will refund the money but I really would like to see this product improved so I could buy another.

  4. Looks like the joysticks have been completely redesigned from the ground up. I bought the original ones and just bought two of the new ones and the plastics are far better, and the electronics inside are totally new, also shipping was lighting fast!!! I read about shipping delays from years ago, well looks like that’s way behind them now, these are great.

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