Cat-astrophe T-Shirt

Cat-astrophe T-Shirt

Behold the Kitty of Doom on the Cat-astrophe T-Shirt and prepare to be awed by sheer terror.

I think everyone will agree that cats are cute… until they get big enough to go on a rampage and destroy a whole city. There’s not enough catnip in the world to satisfy this frisky feline as he shrugs off attacks from jets and helicopters. And now, he’s making that awful retching sound. Watch out, he’s going to spit-up a… oh, never mind. It’s just lightning. Trust me, if you have a choice between lightning and a hairball from a cat this big, choose the lightning.

The back of the shirt features the same design as the front so people can get a good look at the awesomeness when they do a double-take when you walk by, and you know they will.

The Cat-astrophe T-Shirt is available for $49.84 at

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