Cast Iron Tool Bottle Opener

Cast Iron Tool Bottle Opener

Don’t let looks deceive you. These tools are forged from cast iron, but they aren’t really tools. In the conventional sense, that is, because while you can’t hammer nails in or twist wires with these, you can certainly use them as a tool to open bottle openers. That’s right, folks: these are actually carefully crafted (and awesomely disguised) Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers.

Each of these bottle openers are hand forged in Japan in the Toyama region, so you actually get to own something forged in the land of the rising sun. They look authentic enough so it might be better to keep these far away from the toolbox, lest someone mistake them for the real tools.

Cast Iron Tool Bottle Opener

Hand-forged in Toyama region of Japan, famous for their cast iron with the history dating back 400 years ago in Edo period, these bottle openers are crafted to mimic both the look and feel of classic tools. They pop bottle tops with ease and also make attractive decorative pieces hung along walls or kitchen backsplashes. The black color is the result of a Japanese lacquer glaze which prevents rust.

You can choose from a hammer, pincers, pliers, or wrench or buy all 4 Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers at $25 each from Poketo.

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