Card Game Billiard Balls

Card Game Billiard Balls

Geeks are always trying to create new challenges when playing games, whether it is adding new rules, techniques, or obstacles. That’s why pool-playing geeks will love what happens when pool joins forces with poker with Card Game Billiard Balls.

The Card Game Billiard Balls

These billiard balls are decorated like playing cards, enabling you to play up to 10 different card games on your pool table. The balls are regulation-size and -weight (5 1/4 oz.), and the set includes a rulebook that details play for each of the games, including Stud Poker, Draw Poker, 21, Zebra, Rummy, Three-Ball Poker, Pass It Over, Progressive 31, War, and Low Ball. The balls are made of acrylic, coated with a tough, clear polymer finish, and come in an acrylic carrying case. Case 12″ L x 11″ W x 3″ D. (9 lbs.)

So many different skills must come together at once to play poker pool. You have to understand and execute the laws of Physics as well as Geometry theorems, and also exercise your social finesse and poker smarts. This game is definitely not intended for morons. Even pool sharks will be caught off guard when they see that joker has claimed the black ball, and instead there are two green 8-balls with different suits. Pairs of kings, queens and jacks are thrown into the mix, as well as ace balls.

Not only does playing pool poker give the brain a good workout, but you’ll also up the ante where game room styling is concerned. The colors are great and the details mimic the style we’d see on a typical deck of cards. The billiard balls come in a clear, attractive acrylic case edged with gold trim, along with a lifetime guarantee. This means you can expect to have them for life.

Gather your friends for a ‘full house’ poker-pool night, and charge interest on the jackpot so that you can one day afford the G-1 Glass Pool Table.

The Card Game Billiard Balls set is $149.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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