C SEED 201 Inch Outdoor LED TV


When size really matters, nothing beats the size and performance of the C SEED 201 Inch Outdoor LED TV. This retractable system features interlocking panels that form a seamless 201 inch LED TV screen with over 725,000 LEDs that process image data up to 100,000 times per second, enabling the C SEED 201 to display 4.4 trillion radiant colors…Wow

The C SEED 201 sound system features a carbon-fiber housing with 6 broadband speakers for the left and right audio channels, three 700 W subwoofers for low frequencies and delivers distortion-free sound under all weather conditions. The remote control is something James Bond himself would be proud of. It features environmental sensors that detect wind and temperature to prevent adverse outdoor conditions from causing damage and a fingerprint sensor to prevent unauthorized access.

Winner of the Reddot Design Award Best of the Best 2012, the C SEED 201 was designed by Porsche Design Studio to provide the best outdoor viewing experience possible. The price isn’t listed yet, but you can be sure that this will probably cost more than your house.


C SEED 201 Outdoor LED TV by Porsche Studio Design

  • 201 inch LED TV
  • High Resolution Retina LED Display in a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • HD video transmission
  • 100,000 Hz refresh rate (500 times the performance of a standard TV set)
  • Moisture-repellent
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles for brilliant picture quality
  • Ultraluminous true LED TV technology with max. 5000 nits brightness
  • Fully daylight compatible
  • 42-bit color depth
  • 4.4 trillion colors
  • Broadest color spectrum available

You can learn more at CSEED.tv or check out their brochure.

[Via Uncrate]

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  1. looks like its mounted to high up in the air stiff neck,heat pads and pain pills,ahead.patio great but with seating on stadium riser,instead.high enough for 180 degrees viewing to work.

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