Beach Ball Bikini Top

Beach Ball Bikini

Media paints the portrait of a beautiful woman as someone who’s, well, gifted in the chest area. If you weren’t born with naturally huge appendages, then the Beach Ball Bikini Top might help you get closer to your desired cup size without having to take any miracle pills or supplements. No plastic surgery required here either.

Of course, I wouldn’t really recommend the Beach Ball Bikini Top to anyone who doesn’t need the extra help, if you know what I mean. Since it’s just a top, you’re on your own with trying to find a bottom to match this suit. This isn’t as daring as it looks, either, because you’re supposed to just wear it over your regular old swimsuit top.

Beach Ball Bikini Top

Beach Balls make for super fun Beach parties so why not make the party even better with more Beach Balls. The Beach Ball Bikini’s going to blow everyone away. It’s epically ridiculous and totally pointless design have us pondering it’s creation and that means a lot. Tie it on and start filling the Balls with air but make sure no one’s looking to play volleyball with this Bikini. We tested it out on Santa Monica Beach and have got to say most of the beach goers loved it. People loved its extra floating ability in the water and the way it brightened their day. Don’t let summer pass you by, get yours today (*gentlemen this includes you).

– One Bikini per package.
– Inflate the Balls and your set to go.
– Made of pvc.
– Fits over your normal Bikini top, which works for every bra size and gives the illusion you’re rockin’ only shiny Beach Balls!

The Beach Ball Bikini Top is available from for $8.99.


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