Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug

Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug

Power up your mornings by drinking your coffee from the heat sensitive Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug. It’s designed to match your current energy level, before, during, and after you have your cup of Joe.

When empty, the mug simply features a gigantic battery icon with zero bars. Fill it up with a hot drink of your choice and watch the power bars slowly rise up. Leave your drink for too long, and you’ll notice the bars of energy going down.

Heat Sensitive Battery Mug

Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug

  • Ceramic mug changes color when filled with hot coffee or tea
  • Holds 10 ounces of your favorite hot beverage
  • Watch the battery “light up” when your mug is hot
  • Love your mug: hand-wash only. The extreme temperature of a dishwasher will destroy the color-changing parts of the mug.

Make sure to hand-wash this ceramic mug, though, because the dishwasher might be a little too rough and damage the color-changing parts of the mug.

Perk up your mornings by drinking your coffee or tea from the Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug, which is available at ThinkGeek for $14.99.

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