Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent

Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent

Geeks and camping usually don’t fit well together. You tend to get Nature all over you and your hi-tech toys stop being fun when the batteries die. The Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent will make sure your geek goodies keep providing the entertainment, although you’ll still have to go down to the lake to wash Nature off. Hmmm. Can you wash off Nature with Nature?

Measuring approximately 2.4m(W) x 1.5m(H) x 2.4cm(D), and capable of sleeping four comfortably, the tent does its job as a camping shelter with no problem at all, but it’s the built-in 5W solar panel that makes it stand out from all the other little shelters that do nothing but protect against the elements.

The solar panel slides into a pouch on the outside of the tent and then sends that happiness-providing electricity into a lithium storage battery that can be used to charge phones, laptops, cameras, and just about any other low-voltage device.

Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent 2

Available in either Fool on the Hill (Green) or Woodstock (Brown), the Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent can be yours for $419.79 at

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