Air Burst Mighty Missile

Air Burst Mighty Missile

Membrane boosters and a few pumps will allow you to send these lightweight foam nosed missiles up to an amazing 500 feet in the air.

Air Burst technology incorporates an entirely new ‘burst membrane’ booster system that creates tremendous launching power far superior to other air rockets.

Air Burst generates an amazing model rocketry experience far more safely than combustible fuel rockets in that it does not require fuel, presents no explosive or fire hazard and its missiles do not have hard pointed nose cones. The missiles can be launched in any clear area without the use of expensive rocket engines.

Product Features:

  • New breakthrough Air Booster technology
  • Incredible heights
  • Amazing rocketry experience!
  • No combustible engines used in air launch
  • Foam nosed missiles spiral through the air!
  • Includes quality air pump
  • Booster system enables two altitude levels
  • Travels up to 500ft

The Air Burst Mighty Missile is available for £29.99 ($59 USD) from Drinkstuff.

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