Batman Lighted Snow Globe

Tis the season to protect Gotham City with the Batman Lighted Snow Globe. Can it really be called a globe if it’s flat? Apparently so. Even without the typical globe shape, this 4-inch-tall snowglobe is guaranteed to add a festive look to any occasion. The […]


Golden Age Batman Leggings

Ladies who love the Bat can celebrate some of the weirdest, wackiest times experienced by the Caped Crusader by wearing these Golden Age Batman Leggings. People love to put the 1960s Batman TV show on blast because of all the cheesiness packed into the series, […]

Looney Tunes Tweety Bird Apron

Tweety Bird Apron

Many of us grew up watching cartoons like the Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Batman, ThunderCats, Voltron, Care Bears and Rainbow Brite…Don’t pretend like you didn’t watch the last two; you know you did! Anyway, Tweety was always one cool character. He constantly had Sylvester […]

Week in Geek #2, 2012

Week in Geek #2, 2012

Last week we completed hands on reviews of a couple cool items. First there was the Q Knot Multi-Purpose Ties, which work great for organizing wires and keeping bags sealed. We also reviewed the Etre FIVEPOINT and Touchy Gloves, which allow you to keep your […]