5D Star Murals on Your Ceiling


StarMurals are custom star murals painted in a five-dimensional format that resemble the real night sky. They are invisible by day and glow in the dark.

Just like the night sky, all of my stars move and “twinkle”…even my “shooting stars” appear to move…and they are moving. There’s nothing else like it… StarMurals are truly one of a kind.

StarMurals are compelling, intriguing, awe inspiring works of fine art. Each StarMural is a custom, hand-painted view of the night sky. No form of projection is ever used…each star is plotted and placed free hand. From constellation layouts to complex views from deep space, involving galaxies, nebulae, comets, clusters and more…each StarMural is a true original.

Read more about StarMurals over at starmurals.com.


(Via Home Improvement Ideas)


  1. Hiya, i have brought some glow in the dark paint and have done a star murial in my bedroom i am very happy with the results Although i have only used the paints and i have the powders to put in my air gun but i am very inexperienced at airbrushing to create a misty clouds effect. i know you mix the powders with a laquer or vanish but i dont know which ones to use? could you answer my question and if you have any tips or advice i would be much appritate your reply chrissy

  2. What a beautiful ceiling .
    i should do the same thing at my bedroom ,also ,i will make the night sky much more lifelike ! .
    A night sky full of stars was the only perfect thing at my child hood .I love it .

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