Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab

This Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab is essentially a science kit for kids. You get 24 different combinations of chips and it even has a nightlight mode with display stand. Here you have everything you need to build your own Arc Reactor. With 24 different […]


Super Best Friends Action Figures

Three of the mightiest girls in the DC Universe are coming together to help you hide your stuff with the Super Best Friends Action Figures with Super Secret Storage Boxes. The Wonder Girl, Supergirl, and Batgirl action figures, inspired by the The Super Best Friends […]


A Hobbit’s Journey T-Shirt

Bilbo Baggins’ journal is titled ‘There and Back Again,’ but where exactly is there? A Hobbit’s Journey T-Shirt provides a simplified visual chronicle of Bilbo’s adventures across Middle-Earth. Just like the golden ring that eventually causes so much trouble, Bilbo’s journey is a perfect circle, […]

The Walking Dead Board Game

The Walking Dead Board Game

If you’re a fan of the AMC TV series, you’ll want the The Walking Dead Board Game to keep yourself entertained between episodes. Play as survivors and zombies, as you enjoy the board game with up to 4 players. Since each game last 30 to […]


Spider-Man Glitter Globe Lamp

This Spider-Man Glitter Globe Lamp is perfect for kids and adults who love Spider-Man. Who better than Spidey to watch over you at night? This 12-inch lamp features a white bubble component like a lava lamp with a glittering red base that has The Amazing […]


Zombies Plush Set

The zombies are coming for your brain and we’re not talking about any plain-jane rotting corpses because the walking dead in the Zombies Plush Set have a style that’s all their own. Instead of running or taking aim with your trusty crossbow, you’ll probably be […]