Banana Pool Table

It won’t help with your daily potassium requirements, but the Banana Pool Table will add a fruity twist to the game of billiards. If you’ve mastered all the angles and consider yourself a pool pro on the boring rectangular pool table, add a tasty challenge […]


NFC Android Wireless Keyboard

If you love texting on your Android device but hate the brutal workout your thumbs receive, the NFC Android Wireless Keyboard lets you combine typing on a keyboard with texting on your phone. NFC, which stands for Near Field Communications, is a contactless, WiFi-like technology […]


Like It Baby Pacifier

This Like It Baby Pacifier makes sure that everyone knows that your baby likes it. Or maybe it lets everyone know that you like your baby. Either way, it is a like…or flip it over to show your dislike. It’s the next best thing to […]



Even geeks sometimes like to unplug and step away from technology, and the Flipbookit provides an innovative form of entertainment that could bring back memories of a childhood pastime. If you ever enjoyed flipping through pages of drawings to animate characters as the pages flipped […]


Jakob’s Claptrap

We’ve seen Claptrap figures before, but this Jakob’s Claptrap figure is the fanciest by far. This limited Edition Borderlands collectible stands 7″ tall and is fully posable. He looks great, like he just had a really pricey upgrade. Add this guy to your collection and […]


Batman Cape Cookie Jar

Batman loves cookies. That means that Bruce Wayne loves cookies. Between the pair of them, a lot of cookies are bought by Alfred, to keep Wayne Manor stocked up. I bet they store them in this cool looking Batman Cape Cookie Jar. This full figure […]