Up in Time T-Shirt

If you’ve ever wondered about what powers the TARDIS, the Up in Time T-Shirt, which features a light-hearted mashup between Doctor Who and Pixar’s Up, provides an answer. The Doctor’s blue box can fly, float, spin, and occasionally bounce off buildings so it makes perfect […]


Giant1227 Desk Lamp

Whether it’s through actually using one or simply seeing it as the lovable mascot for PIXAR, almost everyone recognizes a desk lamp, but the Giant1227 Desk Lamp is probably a little (or a lot) more lamp than you might be expecting. At first glance, you […]


Gravy Candy

The only thing that comes close to bacon is gravy. Gravy is awesome on everything. Especially at Thanksgiving dinner. Now you can have the taste of gravy anytime with Gravy Candy. This Red and white-striped hard candy tastes just like gravy. Each piece is individually […]


The Hungering T-Shirt

Everyone always felt sorry for poor little Pac-Man as he raced around the board with deadly ghosts right on his heels, but the Hungering T-Shirt shows the real story behind the seemingly helpless little guy, revealing the dark nature concealed within his bright yellow body. […]


The Hobbit Scrabble Board Game

You haven’t played Scrabble until you’ve played the Middle Earth version. The Hobbit Scrabble Board Game will become your precious as soon as you start playing. This one board game will rule them all. This game celebrates Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Players […]


Bacon Playing Cards

Whether you are playing blackjack, poker or go fish, the only winning hand is bacon. These Bacon Playing Cards have all of the numbers and suits you know, but they are on bacon shaped cards. It is now okay to play with your Bacon. They […]


Doctor Who Allons-y Girls T-Shirt

When it comes to Doctor Who, the universe itself has proven that one incarnation of the Time Lord reigns supreme in the eyes of the ladies, and the Doctor Who Allons-y Girls T-Shirt shows why. The coincidences surrounding the Tenth Doctor fall into place so […]


Marvel Heroes Bottle Opener

Have a drink with your favorite Marvel superheroes and let them do all of the work when it comes to opening the bottle too. This Marvel Heroes Panel Images Bottle Opener is the perfect bottle opener to keep with you so you are always ready […]


Space Invaders Wind-Up Toys

I don’t know about you, but I love Space Invaders. This Space Invaders Wind-Up Toy 2-Pack is awesome. The set includes 1 green and 1 pink wind-up toy of the classic alien from Space Invaders. You’ve played the game, now enjoy these neat toys. Just […]


The Ungrammatical Yoda T-Shirt

Don’t correct his grammar. You wouldn’t like him when you correct his grammar. The Ungrammatical Yoda T-Shirt combines everyone’s favorite Jedi master from the Star Wars saga with the Avengers’ Incredible Hulk to show why everyone just ignores the fact that Yoda isn’t the greatest […]


Movie Night Accent Pillows

Get these neat Movie Night Accent Pillows for your next movie night and decorate your couch the geek way. These accent pillows for film geeks come in the form of Popcorn, Potato Chips, a Remote Control, TV, and a VHS Tape. They are happy with […]


Doctor Who: Who-ology

Did you know that William Hartnell was offered the role of Doctor Who on July 12, 1963? Can you name 40 different ways to destroy a Dalek? It all becomes common knowledge after reading Doctor Who: Who-ology, a collection of facts, figures, and survival guides […]