Star Wars R2-D2 Tin Bank

Everyone’s favorite droid from the Star Wars saga wants to help you save money. This Star Wars R2-D2 Cylindrical Figure Tin Bank is a great way to save your money, no matter what you are saving for. This 7 inch tall Star Wars R2-D2 Cylindrical […]


Zombie Ramen T-Shirt

When the zombie apocalypse arrives, not even inexpensive food will be spared from the horror created by the walking dead, and the Zombie Ramen T-Shirt displays all the gory details of food turning upon food. Not all zombies want brains. Some prefer noodles. Of course, […]


iPhone Drip Grip

It’s usually not a good idea to let raindrops sit on your iPhone for too long, but they’re a safe addition when the drops are part of the iPhone Drip Grip. That tiny, sleek body can sometimes give the impression that it wants to jump […]


R/C Pokemon Pikachu

Pokemon fans haven’t caught them all until they have Pikachu in their collection. This R/C Pokemon Pikachu is a great addition to your other Pokemon even if you already have several Pikachus. This cute R/C Pikachu bends at the waist and races around, just like, […]

iPad Pen

iPad Pen

You would never use a real pen to write on your iPad but the iPad Pen provides the comforting, nostalgic feel of using an actual ink-filled writing instrument without really putting ink on your screen. Taking notes with this uniquely-designed sorta-stylus, using free apps like […]


Doctor Who Hologram Chamber

This Doctor Who Hologram Chamber is a pretty neat toy. Perfect for serious Doctor Who fans. Is it magic? Or is it science? Maybe it’s the power of the TARDIS. The hologram chamber, or mirascope, has a mirrored chamber that creates a floating 3D image […]


Fire Extinguisher Drink Dispenser

If every fire extinguisher held a good drink, people might pay more attention to fire safety. This one will dispense drinks the way firefighters always wished they would. The Fire Extinguisher Drink Dispenser is perfect for parties. Your guests will get a good laugh and […]


Spider-Man Silicone Ice Cube Tray

This summer, have a drink with Spider-Man. Okay, I’m not talking about Spidey sitting right next to you. Use this awesome Spider-Man Silicone Ice Cube Tray to make Spidey heads that will chill your drink. Are your Spidey senses tingling? Are they frozen? This great […]


Star Wars Plush Balls

Elevate any game that requires a ball with these cool Star Wars Plush Balls. Whack Chewbacca with a bat or toss Dart Vader’s head back and forth. The force is strong with this toy. These balls are 7″ in diameter and you can choose from […]


Batman Beach Towel

Everyone knows that Batman fights crime and keeps the peace. If it wasn’t for the Caped Crusader, Gotham’s streets would be overrun with gangs and crazy villains. Celebrate your love for Gotham’s guardian with this beautiful Batman Fight Crime Keep Peace Beach Towel. It shows […]


Cthulhu Custom Chess Set

Chess is cool and there are tons of variations out there that use different characters for the chess pieces, but I think the Little Fat Cthulhu Custom Chess Set is the first one that takes the tentacled Ancient One and makes him look cute. The […]


Doctor Who DVD Regeneration Boxset

This Doctor Who DVD Regeneration Boxset is perfect for those who haven’t seen the Doctor’s regenerations. Even those who have seen all of the regeneration episodes will love seeing them again. This limited edition coffee table book and DVD set has each available regeneration of […]


Spider-Man Venom Bookend Statue

It’s a statue. It’s a bookend. It’s Venom! That’s all you need to know right there. This Spider-Man Venom Bookend Statuelooks amazing. It not only looks great, but it will keep your books organized as well. It measures 9 3/4-inches tall. He’s one of Spidey’s […]