iBell iPhone Alarm Clock

The alarm on your iPhone might not get the job done if you’re a sound sleeper so transform your phone into a retro alarm clock with the iBell iPhone Alarm Clock, and let your blissful slumber be successfully interrupted by the clamoring of bells. Technology […]


Gittler Guitar

The minimalistic movement is big in photography and art, and it’s invading the world of music now by getting rid of everything but the essentials with the Gittler Guitar. Forget the bulky body of old-school guitars because even the sleekest design appears cumbersome when compared […]


Ouija Board Key Chain

Things are about to get all supernatural with your keys. This Ouija Board Key Chain will not only help to hold your keys and keep them organized, it may even contact the afterlife. Yes, it is a key chain that looks like a Ouija board […]


Pullbax Pencil Racers

Do you ever get bored at work or school and pretend your pencil is a race car? No? Well, you’re missing out, but the Pullbax Pencil Racers can fix that by actually turning your pencil into a real race car. You won’t be burning up […]


Pez Dog Treat Dispenser

Dogs like to think they are people sometimes. And eating a nice treat from a Pez Dog Treat Dispenser will really please your dog. He sees you doing it so he just wants to join in on the fun. This giant PEZ Dog Treat Dispenser […]


Mass Effect N7 Sneakers

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise of games will want to wear these awesome Mass Effect N7 Sneakers. All of your gamer friends will be jealous, while you walk around in gaming geek style. These sleek, armor-plated low-top sneakers are made of shaved suede, perforated […]


Elemental Silver Surfer T-Shirt

If you’re a comic book geek that also has a burning passion for the Periodic Table of Elements, the Elemental Silver Surfer T-Shirt features the superhero that’s been designed just for you. Forget about the bald guy that occasionally helps the Fantastic Four because this […]


Sandwich Sponge

Make scrubbing dishes fun by replacing your boring old scrubber with this nifty Sandwich Sponge. Plus, it’s a fun decoration for the kitchen. It looks like a real sandwich. Don’t be fooled and let your hunger make you take a bite. You will just end […]


Clue Game Keychain

Everyone loves a game of clue. Who did it? Where did the deed take place? You’ll find out as you play the game. If you love the game in its large form, try out this Clue Game Keychain. It’s the classic game that you know […]