Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklaces

Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklace

Remember those Zombie Brains Friendship Necklaces from a few weeks ago? Another way for fans of the undead to show they are best friends is with these Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklaces. These pendants feature a very cool heart design with a brain wrinkle motif made of enamel painted metal.

The “brain heart” pendant is essentially a heart shape with gyri and sulci (ridges and crevices) like the human brain. It is split in two, providing each friend with a pendant that makes up half of the zombie heart brain. The chains measure 22″ and the pendants are approximately 2 inches by 1¼ inches.

Let friendship and future unite with these undead inspired zombie brain heart pendant necklaces.

Purchase the Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklace Set for only $12.50 at HotTopic.com. Also available for the same price through Amazon.com.

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