Zombie and Call of Duty Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Shirts

Zombie Holiday Sweater Shirt

Christmas and the holiday season is a time to gather with family and friends, share gifts with loved ones, and of course is an excuse to pull out those ugly sweaters and shirts. It’s unbelievable what people are able to get away with during the holidays. Reindeer surrounded by dancing candy canes? Come on people, it’s time to put a stop to all that nonsense and start a new foolish tradition with these Zombie and Call of Duty Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Shirts.

If you are going to go ugly, you might as well do it with something cool. The Zombie Christmas Shirt comes in several styles and colors and will keep your parents and grandparents happy since it features that standard pixelated Christmas pattern. Only this time, it features our zombie friends, shotguns, machetes, and the occasional snowflake. Spread some holiday cheer as you educate your family and friends on the importance of a good machete when it comes to chopping off zombie heads.

Call of Duty Christmas Clothing

If you’re into gaming, and who isn’t, the holidays are a perfect time to catch up on all the latest hits. Time out of school and usually some time off from work, equal a lot of sitting around and gaming. The Call of Duty Clothing, or CoD-Mas Sweater as the artist calls it, is the perfect attire for keeping your parents of your back as you plop yourself down in front of that HDTV.

No one can question your holiday spirit when you show them the tanks, choppers, and Humvees that are planted in traditional holiday print on this shirt. Choose from all the Christmas colors and many more as your start a new holiday tradition with the Zombie and Call of Duty Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Shirts.

You can purchase the Zombie and Call of Duty Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Shirts in an assortment of colors, sizes, and styles from RedBubble. The Zombie Christmas Shirt starts at $25.36 and the Call of Duty Holiday Shirt starts at $23.52.

Remember to enter our RedBubble $150 giveaway to win 1 of 3 $50 gift certificates and use the coupon code “geekalerts15” at checkout to save 15% off your purchase through December 20, 2011.

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