Zombama Obama Zombie T-Shirt

Zombama T-Shirt

We don’t really get into politics much here at GeekAlerts, but we do love zombies. Regardless of politics, this Zombama Obama Zombie T-Shirt sure looks cool. Perhaps that’s just the point, because otherwise I don’t see a clear political message. Although depending on your personal views you can surely come up with a message for or against Obama if you want to. (Hey, that’s what the comments section is for.)

Regardless, I think most of us consider “zombie” a compliment for a Washington politician, compared to what we really think of them.

Zombama T-Shirt

  • Preshrunk and darned comfy!
  • Fit: T-Shirt (unisex), Ladies Fit
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL and 2XL
  • Super large design: 14″ x 18″ (35.5 cm x 46 cm)

Purchase the Zombama T-Shirt for $14.95 at Neatoshop.

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  2. fiscal cliff mr president? brains!!!!gop safe they dont have any.

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