Obama Punching Bag

Obama Punching Bag

GeekAlerts is about cool gadgets and fun products, and we prefer to stay out of politics. Besides, for us debates involve Star Wars vs. Star Trek, zombies vs. vampires, and iPhone vs. Android–not Democrats vs. Republicans. So even though we typically avoid political products, the fact that those on the left and right agree that a confident Mitt Romney hammered an effete President Obama like a punching bag in tonight’s presidential debate makes this Obama Punching Bag especially apropos. Now you too can use Obama as a punching bag, if that’s your inclination, or give him a big hug and help him back up, if you lean the other way politically.

This inflatable punching bag features a depiction of President Obama as a boxer in a red, white, and blue boxing ring with similarly patriotic apparel. It stands 54 inches tall with a 15.5 inch diameter. You fill the base with water or sand as weight, and then the Obama punching bag pops right back up after you punch him down.

Bop Obama Punching Bag

  • Love him or hate him, you will go crazy over this hilarious 54″ tall punching bag
  • Made from extra thick vinyl
  • Whack him in the head, and he falls over, but he jumps right back up
  • Features a patriotic boxing ring design down to the red, white, and blue ropes and boxing shoes
  • Measures 54″ tall and 17.5″ diameter

Obama Punching Bags are available for $15.53 at Amazon.com.


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