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2-in-1 Speaker and Headphone

For some reason they’ve decided ti file this product in the 2-in-1 category. Sure, it comes with two different products; a pair of headphones and a speaker – but isn’t it a little optimistic to call it two in one?

Anyway, the idea isn’t that bad. An easy to bring gadget when you want to be able to share the music from your portable player with others.

2-in-1 Speaker and Headphone

You simply connect the earbuds to the side of the pearl white speaker and you’re away. The Elecom horn technology is used to deliver the sound and the speaker is described as “compact size yet powerful”.

The question is of course how good the sound quality actually is. The idea is not new, we have seen a similar solution with the Phonofonics II product.

2-in-1 Speaker and Headphone

The 2-in-1 Speaker and Headphone is available with four different headphone colors at The Design Town website. No word on pricing.

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