Winbot: Window Washing Robot

Winbot Window Washing Robot

There will come a time when we are nothing but servants to our robot overlords but until the artificial intelligence revolution occurs, you can let the Window-Washing Robot lighten your load while you take it easy.

Technology has come a long way in taking the man out of manual labor. You can let the Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum clean your floors while the Grillbot keeps your grill ready for a last-minute cook-out, so why mess with doing windows yourself?

A powerful internal vacuum pump seals this handy ‘bot onto the glass while two motors drive the anti-slip treads across the window’s surface. Glass size and the most efficient cleaning path are automatically calculated so all you have to do is push a button and then let it get down to the business of cleaning as it secretly plots the downfall of mankind.

Until the robots rise up against us, you can get the Window-Washing Robot for $399.99 at The Sharper Image.

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