Grillbot – The Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot


The joy of cooking on a grill in the great outdoors can only be surpassed by the agony of having to clean the grill after a few cookouts, but the Grillbot takes the muss and fuss out of the mess so there’s nothing but joy left to fill your days.

Referred to as a “Roomba for your grill,” this little mechanized gadget will become the outdoor cook’s number one helper. Just place the robot on the funky grill, press the button, and grab a beer while three high-power electric motors, driven by a sophisticated CPU chip that controls the movement, speed, and direction of the brushes, handles the dirty work for you.

Feel like lounging by the pool while the ‘bot does all the hard work? No problem because the LCD alarm and timer will let you know when the work is done, and cleaning this little cleaner is a piece of cake too because the wire brushes pop off for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe.

You’ll never have your BBQ sullied by the thought of all the cleaning that’s involved when you have this little guy in your cooking arsenal.

Pre-order the Grillbot now for $69.95 – $99.95 at

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  1. Is Grill cleaner it’s the bomb it cleans the grill for you it’s nice it’s the best

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