USB Christmas Heating Gloves

USB Christmas Heating Gloves

These USB Christmas heating gloves is yet another product that would fit nicely in an updated version of the 10 USB Gadgets to Help You Through the Winter article.

Maybe when you’re working in an air-conditioned room or in the winter time. Then the USB Xmas Heating Gloves may suits your need. It has a warmer pad inside. Once you plug it in the USB port, your hands will get warm during Christmas.

USB Christmas Heating Gloves


  • Cut finger design allows your fingers to take action/typing easily.
  • Deforsting your hands for gaming, typing and mouse controlling.
  • Glove made of wool and connects individually to a USB port.
  • Works under any device with USB port, e.g. PC, Mac, PlayStation or Xbox 360.
  • Each glove built-in warming pad.
  • Maximum temp: 52 ~ 53°C (126°F)
  • Dimension: 10 x 13cm (approx.)
  • Weight: 90g

You can get a pair USB Christmas Heating Gloves from the USB Geek website for $19.

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  1. Thes gloves look like hooker leg warmers, they would come in handy for cold nights on the corner.

  2. Haha that is such a cute idea, should get one for my sister, she’s a diehard PC gamer.

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