Trash Amps Speaker


People have come up with all sorts of ingenious ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle. I’ve seen a lot of Christmas trees, bags, ornaments, and jewelry made from empty soda or beer cans, which I think is a good idea to make further use of cans that would have otherwise just been tossed. Another use for these cans come in the form of the Trash Amps Speakers, which have got to be one of the best recycled objects made from these cans.

The Trash Amps Speaker are portable speakers that you can take anywhere with you to play your tunes or chill to some sweet music. It’s been stripped of its original design, re-purposed and repainted, and then fitted with a high-quality speaker so you can enjoy your music with a clean and green conscience.


Trash Amps Speaker

“Reuse it for music!” Trash Amps turns empty soda cans into funky, portable speakers for MP3 players and grab-and-go amplifiers for electric guitars and bases. By approaching recycling with a can do attitude, the company repurposes spent aluminum cans by imbedding the shell with a high-quality speaker, a retractable chord and an adapter to turn your deceptive speaker into a rocking amp. Just pop the colorful, magnetic top and choose your setting, “chill” for mp3 players or “jam” for those impromptu band rehearsals.

The Trash Amps Speaker is available from Uncommon Goods for $55.

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