‘Taterpots’ Spuds that Sprout

'Taterpots' Spuds that Sprout

I was never one with a green thumb. I used to plant mongo beans in our backyard when I was still a kid, but they always died a few days later even though I watered them religiously. If you want to try your hand at planting (hopefully with a lower mortality rate this time), then the ‘Taterpots’ Spuds that Sprout might be able to help you out.

No soil here. Just water the planter that the seeds come in the ‘Taterpots’ Spuds that Sprout and wait for your plants to sprout. They’re not just normal plants either. Choose from oregano, basil, or mint plants that you can use to season your food for some organic garnishes.

'Taterpots' Spuds that Sprout

‘Taterpots’ Spuds that Sprout

This cute planter was designed in Japan and is shaped like a rounded potato. Its little hanging legs and its funny, smiley face make it the perfect companion for your kitchen.
Taterpots contain everything necessary to make a little plant grow inside. The package includes peat, an organic compound made up of plant residue and nutrients that serves as a substitute for soil, and a seed that will grow into an oregano, basil, or mint plant. Choose your favorite.
They’re all aromatic herbs you can use for cooking: sprinkle oregano on pizza, add basil to tortellini, or use mint to prepare mixed drinks. Never before had a potato been so useful!

‘Taterpots’ Spuds that Sprout is available from Curiosite for $13.51.

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