Survival Seed Vault – Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds

Survival Seed Vault

Be prepared for the apocalypse with the Survival Seed Vault – Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds. If a giant meteorite impact, nuclear war, zombie infestation, or some other massive disaster occurs, you’ll need access to fresh food. This kit comes with 20 varieties of vegetable seeds so you’ll be able to grow food to feed your family from your own garden if necessary. The seeds are packaged in triple layer foil packages and everything is packed into a sealed metal storage container, providing protection and a long shelf life while they await use.

With Hostess bankrupt, you can’t count on finding a warehouse full of Twinkies to feed on after the apocalypse. Buy the Survival Seed Vault, and you’ll have thousands of easy-to-grow heirloom vegetable seeds to provide fresh, healthy food.

Survival Seed Vault

  • Survival Garden Seeds Hermetically Stored For Greater Shelf Life
  • Survival Seeds May Be Planted, Harvested, and Replanted Endlessly
  • Heirloom Seeds Are Open Pollinated & 100% Non-GMO
  • Waterproof Emergency Seed Supply
  • Manufacturer Has Signed Safe Seed Pledge

Survival Seed Vault is currently on sale for $37.95 at

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