Steampunk Toggle Switch Plate


Remember when you were a kid and nothing was more fun than just flipping the light switch on and off repeatedly? Well the Steampunk Toggle Switch Plate with its unique design is sure to have you reminiscing about the old days as you enjoy that light switch again.

Measuring 5.25″ L x 10″ H and made with brass and wood, the toggle plate takes the places of ordinary switch plates and can be installed within a few minutes.

This mechanical light switch transforms an ordinary appliance into the perfect flourish for your secret library, steampunk chalet – or any place where your imagination lives! The mechanism is crafted from decorative plywood, with the alternating colors of wood left exposed at the edges. The joints are all finished with brass hardware, and the laser engraved details have the crisp lines of a Victorian engraving. The switch installs easily in your bedroom, hobby room or office – simply attach it over an existing, standard switch plate using the existing screws. Made in California.

You can purchase the Steampunk Toggle Switch Plate at Uncommon Goods for $40.
GreenTreeJewelry at has a very similar Steampunk Toggle Switch Plate design available for $39.95 and several other cool switch plates as well.

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  1. Or you can check out the (likely) maker of this switchplate on their site or Etsy site: Green Tree Jewelry. Lots of neat designs.
    And they make neat jewelry too!

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