Star Wars Science R2-D2 Microviewer

R2-D2 Microviewer

Do you happen to have a young sibling or a niece or nephew that you need to purchase a gift for this holiday season? If so, they better be Star Wars fans because this Star Wars Science R2-D2 Microviewer is the perfect gift for kids ages 6-10. It is both educational and fun. With R2-D2 as your microviewer and 12 different Star Wars Micro-Specimen Slides (Charred Death Star fragment, Lightsaber crystal, Thread from Yoda’s robe, Dagobah swamp slime, Drop of water from Kamino, Chewbacca’s fur, Volcanic rock from Mustafar, R2-D2 circuit board, Clone Trooper DNA, Leaf from Endor, Sand from Tatooine, General Grievous lung tissue), kids are going to love exploring deeper into the Star Wars saga.

Personally, I would love to find out what Yoda’s robe was made out of? To last around 900 years, that had to be some good stuff!

Star Wars Science R2-D2 Microviewer

Star Wars Science R2-D2 Microviewer

Now you can view the Star Wars world with the Star Wars Cience R2-D2 Microviewer! Discover what a Lightsaber crystal looks like close up. Study the threads of Yoda’s robe. Even examine Chewbacca’s fur! Then, remove the built-in magnifier, and take a closer look at the world that surrounds you! 12 exclusive STAR WARS micro specimen images.

You can purchase the Star Wars Science R2-D2 Microviewer at Toys R Us for $16.14.

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