Star Wars Fishing Equipment

Star Wars Fishing Equipment

Star Wars fans will soon be able to catch a fish or two using a fishing rod that looks like a lightsaber and a Darth Vader net.

The equipment will also include a Star Wars themed tackle box and a fishing backpack. Head over to TheForce.Net for more pictures of the Star Wars fishing equipment. No word on pricing or availability.

(Via OhGizmo)

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14 Responses to “Star Wars Fishing Equipment”

  1. Call me [M]alice Reply May 27, 2008 at 7:08 am

    If only I liked fishing!

  2. Go on! Just destroy the genre!

  3. R U sure it will be attractive to the fish???

    anyway…it looks great

  4. Bought both my boys this set…they absolutely love them, and I will admit…for a kid’s fishing pole, they cast about 40-50 feet with ease. Realing even small sun fish in with them is challenging, so it keeps them well entertained.

    I completely recommend them…

  5. Hi,
    Is this Star Wars Fishing Set available and if so where?

  6. do you really need it give me abreak

  7. Have a grandson’s birthday coming in 2 weeks. How can I purchase one of the Star Wars fishing equipment? He is crazy about Star Wars.

  8. Give a try, or You should be able to find it at these multi-seller platform shopping sites. Hope this helps.

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