False Achievements Picture Frame

False Achievements Photo Frame

August 25, 2012 Ryan Cooper 0

Have you ever won a Olympic Gold Medal, jumped out of an airplane at 50,000 feet, caught a fish that was bigger than you, or been an astronaut in outer space? Yeah, me neither, but that doesn’t have to stop you from bragging about doing […]


FishEyes Rod & Reel With Underwater Video Camera

November 8, 2011 James Kelly 0

Are you looking for a gift that is educational, entertaining, and will get kids outdoors and using their imaginations? The FishEyes Rod & Reel With Underwater Video Camera is a fun interactive way to let your kids explore the outdoors and create tons of adventures. […]

First Strike Fisherman Desktop Fishing Game

First Strike Fisherman Desktop Fishing Game

October 30, 2011 James Kelly 0

Fishing is a pretty popular pastime and now you can enjoy it at your desk when you feel like you need that 5 minute break from putting coversheets on all the TPS reports. Enjoy the First Strike Fisherman Desktop Fishing Game as you cast away […]

Cabelas Coupons

Cabelas Coupons, Promo Codes & Free Shipping

July 5, 2011 GeekAlerts.com 0

Current Cabelas Coupons Most people don’t associate geeks with sports like football or basketball, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like any sports. In fact, outdoor sports including camping, hiking, climbing, boating, hunting, and fishing are really popular with many of this. When you want […]

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Fishing Lure Computer Mouse

August 20, 2007 Robert Birming 1

Hooked on fishing? Couldn’t care less about Ergonomic Design Awards? How about a Fishing Lure Optical Computer Mouse ($25) to spice up your desk? (Via Uber-Review)

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Fishing Rod Pen

August 9, 2007 Robert Birming 8

This little gadget is said to be World Smallest Mini Fishing Fish Rod Pen Reel Pole ($18). It’s 8 inches long when closed and fully extends to 37 inches. Made of high quality stainless steel and polished aluminum with a capacity of 120 yd on […]