Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4 Cases

Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4 Cases

Show people you’re in command with the yellow Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4 Case, or maybe show them you wish to be part of the science team with the blue case. Either way, these iPhone 4 cases are going to let people know two things: you love Star Trek and you have already picked out your future job position. These hard plastic cases come in four different styles and fit both AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4.

Star Trek iPhone 4 Covers

Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4 Cases

  • Four awesome Star Trek cases to protect your iPhone 4.
  • Choose from Command (Yellow), Science (Blue), Engineering (Red), or Mirror Universe (mirror-y chromed).
  • Made out of space age (hard) plastic, with Starfleet-approved microsparkles.
  • Fits iPhone 4 (AT&T or Verizon).

Pick you team and get your Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4 Case at ThinkGeek for only $14.99.

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