Star Trek Movie Full-Size Premium Pinball Machine

Star Trek Movie Full-Size Premium Pinball Machine

You had better clear some space in your game room, because you have a new toy that is about to take center stage. The Star Trek Movie Full-Size Premium Pinball Machine.

Your mission? Destroy the U.S.S. Vengeance! It is all of the excitement of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness in one cool pinball machine. There are lights and sounds. Phaser flashes and proton torpedoes too. This table includes 6 missions for casual players and 18 missions for Star Trek and pinball veterans.

You will unlock special opportunities, collect bonuses and win a series of accolades called “The Captain’s Chair”. You will battle Khan, Nero, Klingons, and the Narada. This is a Trekkies dream come true.

Other features include: 14 stand-up targets; stainless steel shooter lane ramp; 2 wide-entrance combo ramps; warp feedback ramp fed by 3rd flipper, left eject kicker lock; 4 balls; 3 flippers; 3 high-speed pop bumpers, 2 high-powered slingshot mechanisms, 2 electric gates in orbit lanes; Star Trek Starfleet Pro translite backglass; high-definition cabinet artwork; powder-coated black steel bottom arch; black powder-coated front molding, legs, side armor, and hinges; traditional coin door; and users’ manual.

It can be yours for $5,299.99 from Entertainment Earth. Start saving today!

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