Spongebob Crystallized Swarovski iPad Case

Spongebob Crystallized Swarovski iPad Case

When a plain old iPad case will not do, you can always spice it up with decals or stickers and whatnot, or you can just drop a large amount of cash and buy something like this Spongebob Crystallized Swarovski iPad Case. What could be better than a goofy cartoon character made from Swarovski crystals?

If you are a fan of Spongebob, it doesn’t get much better than this. You not only get all of the bling, but you also get a non slip back, a one month warranty, a phone strap and free express shipping.

I wouldn’t take this one out in the bright sun though, unless you are wearing sunglasses. It’s likely to blind you with all of that bling. Just $409.12 from Dsstyles.

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3 Responses to “Spongebob Crystallized Swarovski iPad Case”

  1. The case is pretty, but I think the price should be more Reasonable

  2. i’d prefer a rhinestone case instead

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