Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters

Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters

If the 3-Dlicious Marvel Cakelet Pan knocked your Superhero Cape Socks off, you’re definitely going to dig the Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters, too.

Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters Kit includes:

  • 1 comic book cover cutter/stamp, 1 Spider-Man shooting-web stamp, 1 Spider-Man swinging stamp, 1 Green Goblin stamp
  • 1 Dr. Octopus stamp, 1 double-sided dialogue stamp with “CRASH!” on one side and “THWAP!! on the other
  • 1 double-sided dialogue stamp with “WAHOO!” on one side and “GO WEB GO!” on the other
  • 2011 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved

Spider-Man Cookie Cutters

Creating your cookie comic book is fantastically fun, and best of all, you get to eat the results.

Use the double-sided cutter to cut and print your comic book cover.
To add your favorite characters and words, arrange your favorite stamps and press them gently into the dough.
After baking, bring your heroic cookies to life with colorful icings and sugars, and let the pursuit of justice begin!
Includes comic-book, Spider-Man and villain stamps, plus four action-packed expressions: WAHOO!, CRASH!, THWAP!! And GO WEB GO!
A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.

Creating the comic book scene on the cookie dough with all the different cutters and action words is the easy part. Piping the icing to capture all the small details is another story. By the hundredth try, you might decide to write, “ARGHHH!” But practice makes perfect. On the bright side, even when you mess up you still get to eat cookies. Take it from Peter Parker, who still had to practice his skills of being awesome as Spider-Man while living at his aunt and uncle’s house.

Surprise the comic book hoarders you know by giving them a plate of cookies made with Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters, available only at Williams-Sonoma for $19.95.

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