Skull Sugar Cubes

Sugar Cube Skulls

It’s common to hear people say they’d like one or two cubes of sugar added to their coffee or tea. But have you ever heard someone say, “I’ll take two skulls, please?” Well, you just might start, because these Skull Sugar Cubes are making their ghoulish way towards cupboards near you. (That is, if you’ve got some pretty cool friends who love creepy sugar cubes, too.)

Use these Skull Sugar Cubes as you normally would. But save them for special occasions, like themed tea parties, costume parties, or Halloween, because I’m sure they’ll be a huge hit with your friends and family.

Skull Sugar Cubes

These ghastly skull sugar cubes are molded by hand in small batches using 100% pure cane sugar, perfect for themed parties or special occasions.

Sugar Cube Skulls

  • If these skulls start talking to you, you’ve had too much absinthe
  • Shot of absinthe not included
  • Each box contains 9 hand-moulded sugar cube skulls
  • Beautifully presented and individually wrapped
  • 100% pure cane sugar
  • Each skull measures approximately 1.5cm(W) x 1cm(D) x 3cm(H)
  • Each skull contains approximately 2 teaspoons of sugar

Make your tea or coffee deadly sweet with these Skull Sugar Cubes, available online from Dembone’s shop on Etsy. For $18, you’ll get three boxes with five skulls each.

UPDATE October 2012: The Sugar Cube Skulls are now available for pre-order at, too.

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