Skull Candy Bowl

Skull Candy Bowl

If you keep a bowl of candy on your desk and everyone helps themselves to it, you need this Skull Candy Bowl. It can serve as a creepy reminder of what happens if you are crossed. Or maybe just use it as an awesome candy bowl for Halloween. Either way, this 9 inch diameter bowl has a realistic skull look that’s really cool, but it’s actually made out of strong, lightweight Styrofoam.

OK, I know I mentioned this was a “realistic” looking skull, but that was because of the apparent detailing. This is actually a 3 faced skull (for symmetry), so if it was real it would need to be made out of 3 skulls. Or just one provided you could find a dead triamese triplet. Good luck finding one of those…

Skull Shaped Bowl

If you like this skull shaped candy bowl, also check out the Skull Cookie Jar, Skull Shot Glass, Skull Cake Pan, and Skull Beer Stein. There is even a skull shaped USB Hub and a Vodka that comes in a skull shaped glass bottle. There are definitely plenty of skeleton inspired products if you’re looking to up your creep factor.

Skull Bowl

Skull Candy Bowl

  • Candy bowl shaped like three-sided skull
  • Lightweight – Made from Styrofoam
  • Perfect for Halloween candy bowl
  • Size: 9″ diameter x 7″ tall

Skull Candy Bowls are available for only $13.95 each at

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