ShUVee Shoe Deodorizer

Kagan Shuvee Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer

Stinky feet will always stink, but stinky shoes can escape doom and damnation with the ShUVee Shoe Deodorizer. When bad smelling funk builds up inside your shoes each time you wear them, it’s tough to get rid of the odor and kill the germs. We all have to wear our shoes more than once. Zapping bacteria at the source with UV light will thwart the vicious cycle and have your shoes smelling fresh and decent in just an hour’s time.

ShUVee Shoe Deodorizer

  • Keep your shoes odor-free and bacteria-free without the spray can.
  • There’s a better way to kill the germs and fungus that cause foot odor and Athlete’s Foot.
  • It’s the ultraviolet shUVee Shoe Deodorizer. The UV light given off by the shUVee kills over 95% of germs, bacteria, even the fungus responsible for the highly contagious MRSA bacteria — in less than one hour.
  • It’s chemical-free and unlike sprays, the UV light reaches all the way into shoes down to the toes where bacteria live. In fact, it’s the same UV technology employed by most hospitals.
  • Fits all styles and sizes of shoes.
  • 14-3/4″H x 8-3/4″W x 13-3/4″D.

Having the ShUVee wouldn’t be a dead giveaway that you have raunchy feet, rather it’d just look like you’re organized and own a smart shoe stand. It’s convenient to have a designated spot to put your shoes and store them off the ground instead of tripping over them.

Skymall sells the ShUVee Shoe Deodorizer by Kagan for $99.99.

In the spring and summer months, maybe your feet can air out with the Kusa Grass Flip Flops.

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