Say It With Words DIY Greeting Cards

Say It With Words DIY Greeting Cards

Remember the days when men used to be such romantics and would court women by sending love letters and cards expressing their feelings and affection? Nowadays, it’s all about instant messaging and emails and digital cards, which often take the romance out of the words. If you’re a man who often gets tongue tied but would want to give old school romance a try, then you should say it with the Say It With Words DIY Greeting Cards.

So what else can you say when the words are all right there in front of you? Just pick up your pen and instead of scribbling, start crashing out words that don’t fit into the message you want to tell. You’ll be left with a pretty messy card at the end of it all, but hey, if it brings your message across, then why not? It’s the thought–and words–that count, after all.

Say It With Words DIY Greeting Cards

Say It With Words DIY Greeting Cards

The kit includes 3 different greeting cards and 3 envelopes so you can send your cards. The cards are thematic, so pick a card depending on the situation:

– Use the blue card to congratulate someone on a special day such as Mothers’ Day, an anniversary, or Christmas… This card includes words such as “birthday”, “Christmas” and “anniversary”.

– The red card is specially designed to celebrate St. Valentine’s and other romantic occasions. It includes words like “kiss”, “love” and “gorgeous”.

– The white card includes words such as “congratulate”, “results” and “test”, so it’s perfect if you want to congratulate someone for passing an exam, a driving test, etc.

The Say It With Words DIY Greeting Cards are available from Curiosite for $9.94. They come with envelopes in packs of three–three cards for three separate occasions.

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