Romo the Smartphone Robot

Romo the Smartphone Robot

Just imagine all the fun you could have if you could get your hands on a robot that didn’t cost a fortune or require a degree in computer science to program. Romo the Smartphone Robot meets both those requirements.

The brains behind Romo wanted to make programming fun, along with making it easy on the bank account to have a robot in your home because, “science fiction promised us robots,” and I personally am thrilled that someone is finally working on fulfilling the promise that sci-fi movies have been making for years.

Programming Romo to take a picture when he sees a face or to get angry when someone gets too close is as easy as using your iPhone. The iPhone serves as Romo’s brain and distance is no object because anyone can control Romo through a computer or compatible iOS device from anywhere in the world.

The robot base is built with a NiMH battery that lasts for 2 hours of constant play on a full charge, and it can be recharged via any mini-USB cable. Just like other iPhone docks that don’t move or make funny expressions, Romo can also charge your phone.

Romo the Smartphone Robot is available for $149 at

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