Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S

Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S

Some gadgets are fun to have simply because they exist. They’re a way for people to say they could do something differently, but this way is much more fun. Take the Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S for example. Could you just use a lint-free rag to clean your touchscreen? Of course you could, but what’s the cool-factor in that? About a -0.

The Auto Mee S is like a “Roomba for your touchscreen.” All you have to do is turn it on, set it on your touchscreen, and then go take care of other things while it does its job… or just sit and stare at it as if in a trance while it slowly makes its way across the screen, cleaning as it goes (my preferred option).

Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S

  • Includes a set of two in your favorite colors – Orange, blue, pink, white
  • Size 67mm x 38mm x 73mm (2.64in x 1.50in x 2.87in)
  • Weight 82g (2.89oz)
  • Power AA battery x1
  • Estimated time to clean a
    • Smartphone (120mm x 60mm): 4 minutes
    • Tablet (240mm x 190mm): 8 minutes

You can get the Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S for $26.37 at Also available at

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