R/C Golfer

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R/C Golfer

If you enjoy golf themed gadgets like the Chip Shotz Desktop Golf and the Golfing Mario and Luigi Mini Figures, this radio-controlled toy should be right up your alley.

Test your skills with the remote control golfer as you position him, choose his club (from a driver, an iron, or a putter) and swing away!

Variable power swing control allows you to apply just the right amount of power to your shots whether you’re driving or putting. Address the ball after each show with your fully directional remote control which also serves as a golf bag to store your clubs when not in use.

The R/C Golfer is available from the Perpetual Kid website for $34.99.

(Via The Red Ferret Journal)

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  1. This is a great site – would you consider advertising my rc products here? I can pay you 75% comms? Please email me if you are interested – thanks. Chris

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