Premium Muscle Morphsuit

Premium Muscle Morphsuit

If you want to look like you just stepped off display from “Bodies…The Exhibition,” then slip into this Premium Muscle Morphsuit.Muscle Morphsuit

Zombies, vampires and Lady Gaga’s meat dress are freaky, but they don’t hold a candle to the looks of the human body’s innards. Wearing this suit will more than raise a few eyebrows. It might just send people running for the hills.

Premium Muscle Morphsuit

  • Breathe, see and even drink through a Morphsuit
  • Unisex – for the brave ladies out there!
  • Made from 100% Lycra – stretchy
  • Durable – can be worn be worn over and over
  • Machine washable (do not bleach or iron)
  • Check out our range of different Morphsuit designs

Some folks will appreciate your bold fashion statement and will probably post photos of you on Facebook. Others will shake their heads in disgust. Never mind, though. As long as you’re comfortable in your skin, that’s all that matters… and the morphsuit is allegedly extremely comfy to wear.

The Premium Muscle Morphsuit is £39.99 from I Want One of Those and £30.32 at Shipping is free in the UK. Sizes range from M to XXL.

Other versions seen on GeekAlerts include the Red Tuxedo, Halloween, and Solid Color Morphsuits.

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