Piano Tie

Piano Tie

You won’t be able to hang an entire keyboard or Grand Piano around your neck (without breaking it and other parts of your body in the process), but what you’ll be able to do is tie more than just an image of it around your neck with the Piano Tie.

Pianists, musicians, and anyone else who’s a huge fan of this classical musical instrument will absolutely adore this Piano Tie, because it’s not just a tie. In fact, it can actually play some simple tunes because you can actually press on the eight piano keys and hear the notes from the speaker hidden in the tie’s “knot.” How’s that for interactive?

Bored? Just play a quick round of “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” Forgot to get someone a present? Just let your fingers do the talking by playing to the tunes of “Happy Birthday.” The possibilities are endless with just a little bit of imagination–and the Piano Tie, of course. You can also go all natural with the Wood Tie or show your love for recycling with the Duct Tape Tie.

Piano Tie

Piano Tie

What sweet tunes you’ve got coming out of your Tie! Man oh man, this Tie is smoking hot and let’s you play some jazzy music that’ll make the whole office swoon. The notes are activated as you move from key to key in supreme harmony. 8 piano keys running from ‘C’ to ‘C’ and that’s just how many notes you get, with each piano key playing a different note. The ‘knot’ at the top is the speaker. The possibilities are endless and I can already hear “Mary’s Got a Little Lamb” coming from your cubicle. When things get a little boring and your eyes start to droop during a meeting just spice it up and play them a little tune. Heck, even if you lose your job you can play this priceless Tie on a street corner for change.

The Piano Tie is available from Stupid.com for $13.99.

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