Pedestal Stand for iPad


Magazines and paper books are headed the way of horse-drawn carriages but we still need something to take our minds off what’s going on when sitting upon the porcelain throne, which is why the Pedestal Stand for iPad is exactly what the 21st century bathroom reader needs.

The stand is made of chrome, with a heavy base that measures 7.5-inches in diameter and a 10-inch bendable gooseneck stand that will hold your iPad in place while you… ummm… download. The adjustable stand can be adjusted for “any viewing angle, orientation or position you may need.”

To make things even more convenient, there’s also an optional toilet roll holder because ripping pages out of a book isn’t a strategy that works in a hi-tech environment.


Pedestal Stand for iPad

  • Compatible with iPad 2 and iPad (3rd and 4th Generation)
  • Up to 32” tall with flexible 10” metal gooseneck stand
  • Base Diameter: 7.5”
  • Weight: 7.25 lbs.

Continue reading, regardless of what else you’re doing, with the Pedestal Stand for iPad for $44.99 at Got an infant? Let them in on the fun with the iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad.

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  1. they call it the ‘iWipe’

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