PC Cases for Drummers

Spotswood Custom Computers

Finally, a computer for all of us computer geek drummers. Spotswood Custom Computers offers a line of gorgeous handcrafted wooden drum PC cases. Prices starts at $495.95. Now, all we need is a cajon monitor to go with that.

Spotswood Custom Computers is proud to introduce its new line of round, wood, PC cases. Our unique designs sets us apart in the industry. Each custom, scratch-built case is handcrafted with high-quality maple veneer plywood, which gives you a beautiful, more durable and quieter running PC than anything else out there. In addition, you will have a very distinctive and attractive piece of furniture to house your computer!

Gamers, modders and do-it-yourselfers (DIYs) will appreciate the easy access removable side panels and the prestige of having a case that sets you apart from the crowd. This case would be perfect for your home theater PC (HTPC). Please browse around our site and be sure to check out our one-of-a-kind custom products and the quality of our work.

Spotswood Custom Computers

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Robert Birming

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.

8 Responses to “PC Cases for Drummers”

  1. i like this cases

  2. Mm, same here. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by aneudy!

  3. I’ve definitely never seen anyone do that with a drum. Nice look. Now if only there was still a way to play it.

  4. You could always install Redrum and get the best of two worlds. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. first time im seeing something like this!!!! any idea if this is available in india

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