Monster Christmas Giveaway

Monster iPhone 4S Sweepstakes GiveawayAs you already know, GeekAlerts loves rewarding our readers with cool giveaways and this week we teamed up with Monster to give you TWO chances at winning a Monster Accessory Pack. Plus you can even win an Apple iPhone 4S!

As I’m sure most our readers already know, Monster, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Noel Lee and is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance cables.

What you may or may not know, is Monster also produces some of the finest audio accessories on the planet including headphones, speakers, chargers, adapters, and much more. With this prize pack, you’ll get everything you need to enjoy your favorite tunes with a full range of sound.Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Headphones

The Monster Accessory Pack Includes

  • Turbine In-Ear Monitors (Value: $179.95)
  • Monster iCar 700 Dual USB Mobile PowerPlug (Value: $44.95)
  • Monster iCable 800 (Value: $19.95)
  • CleanTouch Pen (Value: $24.95)

It is simple to enter to win this prize pack and most of you should be familiar with the Official Rules by now. Simply add any comment to this post before 11:59 PM PST, December 25, 2011. One lucky commenter will be randomly chosen as the winner. You must be at least 18 years of age and have a US mailing address. While we only allow one entry per email address (and yes we actually check), you still have another chance to win…Remember, I mentioned TWO chances to win.

Since GeekAlerts is co-sponsoring Monster’s 8X iPhone 4S Sweepstakes, you can also enter to win through Monster’s Facebook Page through Christmas Day, December 25th. They will select a separate winner who will get an iPhone 4S ($749 value) plus a Monster Accessory Pack.

So to summarize, simply comment on this post here at GeekAlerts for your chance to win a Monster Prize pack just for our readers. Then go to Monster’s Facebook Page to enter there for a chance to win an Apple iPhone 4S and a Monster accessory pack.

You will need an email address so GeekAlerts can contact if you win. We DO NOT sell, distribute, or share email addresses with anyone for any reason. We will only use it to contact you if you win. If you want to hear from us, stay connected by liking GeekAlerts on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or subscribing to our Newsletter.

Since we actually pay people to scour the internet for Geeky products old and new, let us do the work for you.

Update Dec 26, 2011: There were a total of 312 entries (after removing any duplicates and/or late entries) and the winner was randomly selected and notified by email. The winner was Breanne T. from Burnettsville, Indiana.

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    Seriously tho, Pick Me GeekAlerts.

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    BTW, Monster’s 8X iPhone 4S Sweepstakes ended @ 5 PM ET today…

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