Modern Bow Ties

Modern Art Bow Ties

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl made bow ties sort of “in” again. Before the show came along, most people considered them to be vintage and old-fashioned. And in a further bid to bring bow ties into the current scene is Nicholas Tee with his Modern Bow Ties.

Tee is an artist with an eye for art and a passion for fashion.

Modern Bow Ties

He specializes with modern and inspired bow ties that all have a quirky twist to them. Some are made from film negatives, others from wrappers, and even some from cables and wires. Tee is setting out to begin his own bow tie start-up, and has enlisted the help of interested backers who can help make his dream into a reality.

The Modern Bow Ties project is now up for funding on Kickstarter. The first twenty five backers who minimum pledge of $100 will be able to get their hands on a limited-edition Kickstarter suede bow tie.

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  1. Bow ties are cool

    • Yeah, the affirmation that “Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl made bow ties sort of “in” again” made me jump and shout at my screen.
      We have to be clear here bow ties have been brought back by 11

  2. are those legos?????????

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