Minecraft Megafan Bundle

Minecraft Megafan Bundle

Are you the ultimate fan of Minecraft? Then prove it by owning the Minecraft Megafan Bundle.

When things are sold as a bundle, it usually means you get a lot of sweet stuff at once. This is definitely the case with the Megafan Bundle. First of all, the Creeper Inside t-shirt is a must-have since every single one of us has a creeper inside. Then you can layer your Minecraft look with a very attractive lanyard that could hold your work ID card, your whistle if you’re a coach or PE teacher, your housekeys, and also flaunt the Pickaxe Keychain that comes with the bundle. Last but not least are the two posters that would look fantastic in any gamer’s lair. The vertical one actually has a touch of renaissance to it for some class.

Minecraft Megafan Bundle Kit

What do you get for the Minecraft Megafan who wants it all? You get a little bit of everything! With the Megafan bundle, you’re getting a

  • Creeper Inside T-Shirt,
  • Pickaxe Keychain,
  • Lanyard,
  • our first Minecraft Poster,
  • and a Computronic Poster.
  • And – you’re saving a few bucks while you’re at it.

Get the Minecraft Megafan Bundle at J!NX from $59.99-$61.99. You get to choose your size of t-shirt.

p.s. You might also love to own the Minecraft Foam Sword.

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